❤ Do you feel like your hormones are out of whack and cause you to feel like a roller coaster?

❤ Are your periods extremely painful without any medical explanation?

❤ Do you suffer from hormonal imbalances such as PCOS or Thyroid Issues?

❤ Do you often go months without having a period wondering when you’ll have it next?

❤ Have you tried everything to get pregnant with no success or hope in sight?



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How would life be better if you were…


with Natalie Berthold


In this first ever one of a kind online course, you will learn how to work through your family and ancestral dynamics. When past families traumas are unresolved, the issues get passed down to your tissues and can affect you!  Let’s clear them up so that you can so that you can:

  • Have your hormones work for you, not against you
  • Begin to experience pain-free periods
  • Have more regular periods
  • Have a much better chance of conceiving


  • As a bonus, Finally Flowing will also help you flow everywhere else in life: health, career, abundance, happiness and relationships!

Join me for a guided 14-module course (designed to take at your own pace) where we will help you to Finally Flow and live a balanced, healthier and happier life.   How does Finally Flowing work?   This step-by-step course includes:

  14 audio/visual guided modules walking you through the family dynamics that affect your hormones
  Downloadable PDF Homework worksheets for each module
  Guided healing meditations for each module designed to release and heal family and ancestral dynamics holding you back
  A 75 min 1-1 phone session with me to help clean up any lingering dynamics
  A super private Facebook group for support (a no sales-pitch zone)
  Buca Bonuses: Tons of additional resources and bonuses from other experts in this area


The information in this course is very unique and can NOT be found by Googling online, going to a doctor, endocrinologist or health coach!  This course is completely different and designed to work through your transgenerational trauma and blockages so that you are finally flowing, energetic and emotional on a very deep level. You see, we are not simply a product of our own experiences, we are a sum total of ourselves and the generations that  came before us!  What if you have been trying to work through your own imbalances when they aren’t even yours? Here is what we will cover in each Module and they pertain to both you and your family members:

  • Module 1: The Internal Light Switch–Learn how epigenetics and your family’s trauma affect you
  • Module 2: Puberty Trauma-Learn how your own trauma during puberty, or that of  a family member, can disrupt your flow
  • Module 3: Death During Childbirth and the disastrous effects on your hormones
  • Module 4: Stillborns and Miscarriages-whether your own or others’ can alter your system
  • Module 5: Complicated Pregnancies and/or Deliveries within the family can cause complications for you as well
  • Module 6: What if you were the Complicated Delivery or Pregnancy?
  • Module 7: Traumatic upbringing of you or your family members can traumatize your flow
  • Module 8: Rape or Incest directed at you or your family is disruptive to the system
  • Module 9: Power Dynamics now and throughout history can affect our hormones
  • Module 10: Abortion of your own or your mother’s can cause imbalance in your body
  • Module 11: Adoption can cut you off from the flow that you need to live well
  • Module 12: A Missing Person in your family can really affect your overall flow in life
  • Module 13: Family Order is really important for your endocrine system to work efficiently
  • Module 14: Rejecting your Mom can cause a whole slew of feminine issues

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As you can see, these topics are not fluffy.  They are serious topics to dive into whether you need the healing yourself, or you are a health practitioner and work with others.  When you enroll in Finally Flowing, You will also receive the following awesome bonuses:


  1. Jessica Ortner’s  free downloadable CD entitled Tapping For Stress Relief (stress definitely has an impact on our hormones, periods and fertility).
  2. Alex Jamieson’s Craving Quiz– perfect for hormones. This quiz tells you what your cravings mean and gives you a list of foods that balance energy and hormones, by removing the toxic foods for each type.
  3. Meggan Watterson- 2 chapters from her bestselling book, REVEAL.  Female embodiment and finding the divine feminine within is necessary for optimal hormonal, period and fertility flow.
  4. Lara Riggio-I am soooo excited about this bonus because this was made EXCLUSIVELY for F inally Flowing Members!  You will receive 4 easy-to-follow energy exercises specifically designed to balance your hormones!  These are priceless!
  5. Jenn Racioppi Bandes –Famed astrologist Jenn shows us how the moon and planetary cycles affect our cycles and how to consciously conceive!
  6. Jessica Grippo- Bonus dance class designed to balance your second chakra (the chakra related to hormones, uterus and all things creative)! Time to dance into flow!
  7. Nicole Jardim’s recipe book! Enjoy an 80-page delicious and healthy recipe book specifically crafted to love up on and balance your hormones!  Bon appetit!
  8. Danielle Diamond’s 15 min Sacral Chakra Yoga Video!  The uterus and hormones mostly reside in the second chakra (sacral chakra).  Enjoy these relaxing hip openers to help balance your body and hormones!

Plus, receive additional resources in the course!

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So are you ready to be Finally Flowing again?

Are you pumped to have your hormones working for you, not against you?

Are you excited to experience some flow in your periods (and/or health, love, relationships, career, or money)?

YES Please! – Sign me up!  I’m soooo ready to be Finally Flowing!


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